Jan. 6th, 2010

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When you send your child to school in a coat, you expect them to come home in that same coat. It's not unreasonable or irrational to expect such a thing. It's a pretty straight forward concept.

Pre-Christmas, we bought Josh a coat from Walmart and after two days of wearing it to school he came home without it. We checked in the class room, we checked in the lost and found but it was no where to be seen. The coat was simply gone. Naturally, the only thing left to assume is that another kid took it home. I'd planned to talk to his teacher about it after the holidays.

Over the holidays, one of my relatives (my husband's half-aunt) gave Josh two coats that her son has outgrown. On Monday Josh wore one to school.

I got a call from his teacher half way through the day asking me if Josh wore two coats to school that day. Turns out he spotted his Walmart coat on another kid and started insisting that it was his. Yay Josh! However, this is a less fortunate kid and one that the teachers had given Christmas gifts too. The teacher called his grandma to ask about the coat. I have no idea what she said, but the teacher didn't feel comfortable forcing the kid to give the coat back to us.

All day yesterday I'd been thinking about it, trying to decide how I felt about the situation. Yes, we bought it. Yes, someone stole it. But now Josh has two other coats and they are both really nice. We no longer need the walmart coat. Plus, its from Walmart; who's to say this kid didn't also go buy one? I know this kid is a trouble maker (he once pulled down his pants and undies in the classroom) but that doesn't mean he should go without a coat. But letting him get away with stealing doesn't teach him anything either.

The teacher decided to resolve the situation in her own way: Yesterday Josh came home wearing a blue Columbia jacket--not ours. Chris took him back to the classroom to find out why. I mean, this is getting ridiculous. The teacher said she found it in the lost and found and gave it to him because she felt bad about the whole coat debacle. Really, this is very strange. Now we own a coat which some other kid at school lost. In essence, we've stolen a coat. But, hey, it's a Columbia which is quite a step up from a Walmart coat, so I shall not complain.

Like I said, strange. And yes. I have started writing his name in all his coats.


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