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Petey and Zack did their first paint-by-numbers today. You know, just something to kill the time on yet another snow day. All that painting got Petey to thinking about colors, and mixing them, etc. Later, he came up to me and said "Church colors can't be made by mixing other colors together." I replied "Church colors? What are church colors?"

"You know, like blue, red and yellow."

"Oh, you mean Primary colors!" Lol!! I know this will only be funny to Mormons but I thought it was totally hilarious :) Primary is what the children's Sunday school class is called at our church.

I did 3 scrapbook pages today. I also got a significant amount of school work done because Chris took the kids out for a couple of hours and left me alone in the house. I'm liking this semester so far. I think it will be relatively laid back which is perfect for my last semester!!

We had no snow last night, yay!! Also, they finally plowed our street today. It only took them 6 days to get to us. Let's hope the snow holds off for a while so our street can stay clear. Oh, I forgot to mention that yesterday I built a snow cave for the boys. We made a huge pile of snow, packed it down and then hollowed it out. I also gave them some water that I'd dyed blue and put into a sprayer. They sprayed the cave on the inside and out, making it a nice blueish hue. Fun stuff.
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Last night was rough. There were people having a loud party out by the pool until well after midnight. Chris yelled out to them asking them to quiet down, but they didn't. I tried to go to bed around 10:30 but I couldn't fall asleep so I read ("Driving Over Lemons" by Chris Stewart). I finally dozed off just after midnight when Connor woke up with an overflowing diaper. Once that was taken care of I slept until 3:30 when Chris came to bed. He woke me up and kept me awake for another half hour until Connor woke up again with another overflowing diaper! It was the bad-luck night all around. I ended up sleeping in Connor's bed until morning.

I was out of bed by 7 and although I wanted to go back to sleep, I just stayed up. I took the boys to the playground and we had a great time. It is actually slightly humid here right now, which is odd. We were all sweating. Usually, even if the temperature is 109, we don't sweat because it's just so dry here. I remember the first summer we had moved here, it was also a little humid. People used to say to me "Oh, you moved from Florida? Then you must be used to all this humidity." I'd think "what in the heck are they talking about?! There's no humidity here!" If there is 17% humidity, Arizonians consider that *very* humid.

After the park we stopped by the store to get the kid food essentials that we'd run out of: cereal, bread and american cheese. Now we're home and the boys are to do their chores before they can turn the TV on. I still haven't managed to feed myself breakfast although the boys have had it twice: before the park and after the park. Chris is still sleeping. He turns in his final written exam on Wednesday morning. He takes his Oral Exam on Friday and then he will officially be ABD (All But Dissertation). Once a professor is ABD, he is eligible for jobs! I know, we already have one, but it is such a relief to finally reach this point!!! I'm just very, very proud of him.

When we got married he was working at a skateboard shop full time and taking classes at the community college part time. No kidding, the semester we met he was taking sculpting, cinema appreciation and math (for the 2nd time). From being an unfocused "Humanities" major to a highly specialized Chinese historian; He has progressed so far and worked incredibly hard to get to this point. Last night I tried to read some of what he'd written for this comprehensive exam. It was far and away above my head. Of course, I haven't studied the subject he was writing about so I could use that for an excuse...


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