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Yesterday after picking the kids up from school we went directly to Zack's basketball game. His team won :) He didn't get his hands on the ball very often, but when he did I'm proud to say that he didn't run with the ball unless he was dribbling. The type of basketball they play was very different from what he learned when he was in the Oro Valley league. Chris called it ghetto ball. Kids knocking other kids over, crowding like crazy when they guard, etc. Zack is going to need to learn not to be afraid. He tends to back up when someone gets in his face to guard him. I'm glad he's playing basketball as it is Chris' favorite sport. It will give them something to do together. They can go down to the church court (which is inside and thus not frozen) and practice together.

After the game we went out for Chinese to celebrate the Chinese New Year. We went to PF Chang's for the first time. I was impressed. I've always had a bit of a chip on my shoulder towards them because they are an American chain and not "authentic" Chinese. Not that any of the authentic Chinese in Spokane is actually authentic Chinese anyway...Our experience at PF Chang's was amazing. The food was delicious. The manager came to introduce himself to us to make sure our dinner was good and we were happy with the service. Our waitress ordered a complimentary appetizer for us, since we told her it was our first time. Chris said it was because we represent a demographic. I said "What, poor?" (we hadn't dressed up and gone straight from the basketball game. Zack was in shorts and the rest of us were in jeans.) He looked at me funny and said "No, families." I guess I can never quite escape the feeling the every one looks at me and thinks "welfare family". I suppose that is a residual feeling left from when we were on food stamps. That is years behind us now. I really need to get over that misconception about myself.

We didn't get home until almost 8 o'clock. I don't like that the kids didn't really have any down time between school and bed. I've always told myself we wouldn't be the type of family who is so super busy that the kids spend all their time in one after school activity or another. However, with Zack in basketball and Petey wanting to sign up for soccer and baseball, I have a feeling we will be pretty busy in the coming months. That's ok. I think I can manage it and I'm glad the kids are excited to participate in some sports.

Speaking of sports, right now they are playing t-ball in the living room. I'd better get off the computer and make sure they've brushed their teeth/hair for school.
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Yesterday we went to the Drum and Bell Tower. This building sits on a hill in the middle of Nanjing. All around it are modern buildings and bustling traffic. Yet here is a beautiful tree covered hill, topped with a magnificent ancient building. As we climbed the steps to the top level, I got that familiar shiver that I always experience when I'm in the presence of great history. Those steps were so worn, yet so strong. Imagine how many people, how many generations had climbed those steps. Also, one of the greatest emperors in all of Chinese history had visited the Bell tower and climbed those very steps. At the top, we got to see an inscription that he had made during his visit to the tower in the 1600's. Yes, that's before most of America had been founded. Yet here is this massive stone tribute to a great man, still standing in the midst of a modern and ever-changing city.

Of course, all the boys wanted to do was bang on the drums...which they did, quite loudly.

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