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Feb. 11th, 2008 11:15 pm
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Is anyone planning on seeing or excited about "10,000 BC"? It just doesn't do it for me.

Here's Josh in the ice cave:


It has since collapsed because of the warmer weather. No one mourns its passing. We're all so happy that the weather is in the 40's. Literally, the kids have started praying for spring to get here. Sweet boys o' mine.

Behind the cut you will find a pic of Josh standing by a snow bank, to give you an idea of how high the snow banks have been. Also, the house on our street that burned a few months ago was demolished last week and I took a pic of that. Josh and I walked down to oogle at the destruction for a while. It was cool to see that excavator at work!

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Petey and Zack did their first paint-by-numbers today. You know, just something to kill the time on yet another snow day. All that painting got Petey to thinking about colors, and mixing them, etc. Later, he came up to me and said "Church colors can't be made by mixing other colors together." I replied "Church colors? What are church colors?"

"You know, like blue, red and yellow."

"Oh, you mean Primary colors!" Lol!! I know this will only be funny to Mormons but I thought it was totally hilarious :) Primary is what the children's Sunday school class is called at our church.

I did 3 scrapbook pages today. I also got a significant amount of school work done because Chris took the kids out for a couple of hours and left me alone in the house. I'm liking this semester so far. I think it will be relatively laid back which is perfect for my last semester!!

We had no snow last night, yay!! Also, they finally plowed our street today. It only took them 6 days to get to us. Let's hope the snow holds off for a while so our street can stay clear. Oh, I forgot to mention that yesterday I built a snow cave for the boys. We made a huge pile of snow, packed it down and then hollowed it out. I also gave them some water that I'd dyed blue and put into a sprayer. They sprayed the cave on the inside and out, making it a nice blueish hue. Fun stuff.


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