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I have several reoccurring dreams which are neither good or scary. They're just baffling because I feel my brain must be trying to tell me something or else why would I dream it over and over?

-I dream about dirty public bathrooms. I need/the kids need to use the bathroom very badly and the only bathroom we can find is a huge, filthy public bathroom. I usually dream about specifics which is not pleasant. I've had this dream since I was a teenager. I once looked up the meaning of bathrooms in dreams. It had something to do with sex which seemed way off base to me.

-I dream that we've moved into a new house. It's usually a huge house but it continually changes and has all sorts of odd, mysterious rooms that I can't figure out. In this dream I inevitably lose one of my kids in the house because its so big/changeable.

-Just this week I dreamed that we lived in the top of an apartment building and the foundation wasn't stable. If we walked to one side of the apartment the whole building would tilt. It was very important that we move about carefully so as not to topple the whole building over. This dream seems pretty self explanatory to me: I'm worried about where we're going to live next year and my life feels too unstable. I'm worried about being off-balance, etc. It's true, but it's strange that my brain will translate it so literally. Another odd aspect of that dream is that both Josh and Max the pug were wearing diapers. I remember wondering why in the world?


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