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The kids are home safe and sound. It's amazing what a difference it makes having them in the house. They'd been home for 15 minutes and it looked as if a hurricane had torn through the house. That's OK! It's a hurricane of love :)

Connor was so happy to see me that he just sat on my lap saying "Too, Mama." over and over. That's his way of saying "I love you too, mama." Petey got a little teary-eyed when he was telling me how glad he was to be home and even Zack cuddled up to me and told me that he missed me. Zack looked as if he'd grown a few inches. Is that possible in only 3 days? He's going to be taller than me in just a few more years (that's not saying much, I'm a shorty, lol).

I'm trying to tie up all the loose ends that I can think of as we get ready for this move. Wendi, I was going to burn you a tmbg cd tonight but then I couldn't find any blank cd's! I'm sure Chris knows where they are but he's already asleep. I'll send your package as soon as I burn the cd (hopefully tomorrow sometime.) Shall I send you Wil Wheaton's "Dancing Barefoot" book, too? I think you'd like it.


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