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And this is what the boys were up to while I wrote that last LJ entry.

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Ok, here it is folks. This haircut, I love. I also got low-lights put, which are so rad. I've never had low-lights before and I felt so daring for doing something non-traditional like dark reddish-purple. I'm very happy with how this turned out. The hair stylist I went to today agreed with me that I had been given a bad haircut. She kept finding mistakes as she was going through to fix it. I'm happy I found someone I can go back to! Yay!!


Here's a close up of my low-lights. I like saying that...low lights, low lights, low lights... )

I feel much less of a fuddy-duddy now. I'm not so old after all :)

snow cave

Feb. 11th, 2008 11:15 pm
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Is anyone planning on seeing or excited about "10,000 BC"? It just doesn't do it for me.

Here's Josh in the ice cave:


It has since collapsed because of the warmer weather. No one mourns its passing. We're all so happy that the weather is in the 40's. Literally, the kids have started praying for spring to get here. Sweet boys o' mine.

Behind the cut you will find a pic of Josh standing by a snow bank, to give you an idea of how high the snow banks have been. Also, the house on our street that burned a few months ago was demolished last week and I took a pic of that. Josh and I walked down to oogle at the destruction for a while. It was cool to see that excavator at work!

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...and a bunch more behind the cut

It was the best day ever! )
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On Tuesday the sky was overcast and gray for the whole day. Suddenly, as the sun began to set the clouds started to clear up, trailing behind them this magnificent display. I love Arizona sunsets.
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Literally, everything had a pink glow to it. I love Arizona sunsets. At times they simply take my breath away. Tonight, it almost seemed as if you could reach out and touch pink air. Lovely....

just lovely )
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We didn't have rain today, but we did have a rainbow. I was playing around with the picture on paintshop. Fun stuff.

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Jul. 21st, 2005 10:36 pm
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I went to the library today (by myself! I love alone time at the library.) The sun was just beginning to go down and I was able to snap a beautiful pic of it. I also took another pic as I was leaving the library, the same scene. I got some good books at the library: 84, Charing Cross Road, Pigs in Heaven, I Should Be Extremely Happy in Your Company, & Artemis Fowl. I've been in a book slump since I finished Harry Potter. I just can't get interested in anything else. Hopefully one of these books will snap me out of it.

Arizona sunset )
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As you can see, the makers of this luggage are comparing it's tough outer shell to that of a rhino's.

Uh, no...I don't think so.

It cracked to pieces by the time Chris got it home from China. Luckily, everything was still inside it when he picked it up.
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Chris brought this clock home from his trip abroad. The boys love Pokemon and were thrilled to find this clock in their room. Pikachu's tale wags back and forth (so cute!) I like it because it has "Happy Lovely" printed on the bottom. Engrish is a great source of amusement in our home (check out for many examples).
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I am so thankful to be back in our own home, complete with working electricity and A/C. My poor MIL was still without power this morning. It is very difficult to sleep restfully at night with no A/C. We were so exhausted from the emotional drain of the storm and the following two days. When we got on the airplane yesterday (in the glorious A/C) our whole family fell asleep right away. Chris' flight on Monday got canceled and we all ended up flying together. Connor insisted on sitting on my lap most of the time, but I didn't mind since Chris was there to take care of the other two. Flying in to Tucson, we encountered so turbulance. I was feeling pretty sick and so was Zack. Poor Zack. He missed the barf bag and got it all over himself. At least we had already landed and we didn't have to ride for hours like that.

I'm so happy to be home! My own bed, my own shower, my own kitchen. We moved Connor's crib out of our room and in with the boys last night. This is the youngest I have moved one of my kids out of my bed. Zack was 4 and Pete was 3 when they moved out. During our vacation he slept in a playpen the whole time, so this seems like the most logical time to do it, while he's still used to sleeping on his own.

I took several pictures of hurricane damage around Ft. Walton Beach. Fortunately it wasn't too bad. Here are the pics for your veiwing pleasure.

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The sky was brilliantly blue today. It is amazing how beautiful and calm the weather was today. I kept thinking about what life would have been like if I'd lived 200 years ago. We'd have no idea this hurricane was coming. Image hosted by

I took a couple pics of hurricane preparations. Read more... )
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At FIL's house the kids spent much time swimming. I love these pics because they've caught each boy in his favorite pose. Zack with the cannonball, Pete with the belly flop, and Connor quite content in his rubbermaid tote. The pool was too deep for him, but the tote was just his size and he loved it.
Here are the pics )

Zoo pics

Jul. 8th, 2005 10:07 pm
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On July 4 we went to the Zoo. It was hot but the kids still had a good time. I think Chris had more then anyone else fun feeding the animals.
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Jun. 30th, 2005 10:31 pm
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The weather was beautiful on the day we went to Tuskegee. I learned so much while we were there. I wanted to go there because I studied Booker T. Washington last semester and read Up from Slavery.I was very impressed by the great things he did in establishing the Tuskegee Institute and I wanted to see it for myself. However, I will admit that I was nervous about going to Tuskegee. I had no reason to be. Everyone was so polite. People actually went out of their way to greet us. It was an odd feeling to be a minority (I know that may sound horrible to say, but it's true.) I knew very little about George Washington Carver and they had a very informative museum dedicated to both him and Booker T. Washington. What a man! He did so much to better the people of Tuskegee and in turn the whole South.

This is the Tuskegee Court house. It is the only courthouse in Alabama with Gargoyles on the tower. It was also where a famous lawsuit concerning the Tuskegee Syphilis Study was filed.
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The Oaks: this was Booker T. Washington's home. It was designed and built by students of the Tuskegee Institute. The bricks were also made by students.
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The Sistas

Jun. 30th, 2005 10:18 pm
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Here I am with my four sisters. We have a brother, but he wasn't able to be there. We are standing in order of age. As much as I'd like to claim that's me in the middle, I can't. I'm the first one, then comes Shannon, Holly, Wendy and Bonnie. I love having so many sisters. As we get older, it is more and more precious to me to have these wonderful women as my friends and family. I really am blessed to be part of such a great family.
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We tried to duplicate the picture with all the kids, but they didn't quite have the same attention span....
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Jun. 30th, 2005 10:12 pm
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My mother in law loves colors and I find it wonderfully refreshing that she is not afraid to use them in her home.

This is her upstairs hall.
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This is the downstairs bathroom. I don't know if you can tell, but the door is painted the same color as the frame.
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I snapped this picture as I was stuck in traffic today. Don't misunderstand me. I love the South. But there are some aspects of it that I don't understand. The need to still fly this flag is one of them. It reminded me of an experience I had a few years ago when I worked at Wal-Mart pharmacy. I was chatting with a Pharmacist about the Civil War. His great, great grandaddy had fought in the war, on the Confederate side. As he was telling me about his ancestor, I was counting pills and sort of just half listening. Suddenly I realized that he was crying. The story he was telling me about his grandaddy was so special to him that it had moved him to tears. This is what he told me: His grandaddy had been held in a Northern prisoner of war camp. When the war was over and he was released, he walked all the way home to Alabama. When he arrived at his home, he didn't go immediately in. He got the attention of one of his slaves and had the slave bring him clean clothes. Then he proceeded to clean himself up before he allowed his family to see him again.

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