Mar. 4th, 2010

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Last night we had a healthy dinner, with a yummy spinach salad. And, we (Chris and I) didn't eat dessert. Step one in the right direction. This is going to be much easier to do together, I can tell already.

Last night as I drifted off to sleep, I started thinking about my efforts four years ago to get healthy and how it really dominated my all my attention. I was able to do it then, and I know I can do it now. As I thought about it, I remembered what a big fat whiney baby I get when I try to eat healthy/exercise and I wondered if my lj friends could stand to go through that with me again.

And then, I suddenly realized that most of those friends have jumped ship from lj to other social networking sites. I only have a couple of the same friends now that I had then (maybe three or four?) I hadn't realized what a metamorphosis my friends list has undergone over the past few years. Very interesting. The truth is that I really enjoy reading my friends list more now than I have in quite a while. I think perhpas this is because I now have friends who are more devoted to lj and they use it they way it should be used. For a while, with the Facebook phenom catching everyone's attention, many people drifted away. Personally, FB is losing its appeal to me. Yes, I like reading the family drama and who is single/in a relationship again, but as for updating my own status...not so much. Twitter has never felt comfortable for me either.

I'm an lj girl, through and through. I don't want to read a short, 140 character thought. I want to read paragraphs, stories and full blown rants!


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