Sep. 14th, 2010


Sep. 14th, 2010 10:09 pm
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The first week we were here searching for a rental, we looked at an apartment. It was a luxury home and we were seriously considering it. As the leasing agent showed us around the model, I asked her if pest control was included in the price of the rent. She replied, "You won't need it, but if there is a problem with ants or something just let us know and we'll take care of it." I then asked if they had any roachs.

She looked utterly disgusted and said, "If you have roaches in your apartment, there is a problem!"

Of course, having never lived in Florida she had no idea that roaches (aka Palmetto bugs) are just a fact of life down there and have nothing to do with your cleanliness or housekeeping skills. The funny thing is that she had told us earlier in the day that her dream is to move to Pensacola. She's in for a wake-up call the first time a three inch palmetto bug runs across her kitchen at night!

So, yay for no roaches! However, I've discovered that Richmond does have its fair share of creepy crawlies. For one, we have these huge, loud crickets that like to hang right outside our bedroom window. We thought that maybe if we turned on our porch light it would make the crickets hush. Nope. Not only do they keep on chirping away, the light attracts moths-huge moths-like crazy. And, the moths explain why I have spider webs all around my front door. Initially I thought they were old cobwebs and one day after moving in I knocked them all down with a broom. The next day they were all rebuilt and the spider sort of jumped out at me to make sure I realized he was there (or at least in my mind, that was the motive behind his little leap). I've left him alone and we generally keep the porch light off to discourage the moths from becoming spider entrees.

Last night, however, I went grocery shopping and turned on the light before I left because I don't like coming home in the pitch black. I don't know if it is Richmond thing in general, but my street that has no street lights whatsoever. So of course I had to battle the moths to get in the door when I returned and several entered the house with me. One of the bugs was quite large, like the size of a cicada. It seemed to keep dive-bombing Chris so we thought maybe it was a horsefly or some other blood-sucking insect. After a while it disappeared and we forgot about it. Later that night, we were going to bed. Chris came in our room and shut the door and just a few moments later that huge thing was flying around his head again! Where it came from or how it got into our room with the door shut is a mystery. We were finally able to get it and it did turn out to only be a moth. Why it was stalking Chris, I'll never know. But the funniest bit of all is that when it flew at his head that last time around, he hit the floor faster than I've ever seen him move.

I couldn't stop laughing for five minutes :)


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