Aug. 5th, 2010

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This week, the cirque has instituted a local's discount. They are only here for about two more weeks, so I suppose they figure it is time to give the same local discount that all other touristy-type business give. Yesterday, a woman came in to buy her family's tickets and demanded the local discount. At first, she said that she didn't have her ID with her and neither did her husband. When she was informed she couldn't have the discount, she started getting irate. Eventually it came out that she was from Louisiana and simply wanted to be given the discount anyway. She wasn't at Chris' window, but he decided to speak up after she became insistant and wouldn't drop the issue.

He explained to her that the discount was to thank the locals for their support of the cirque and to help boost the local economy, etc. She started ranting about how she's spent $4,000 this week, on jet skis and parasailing, how she thought she deserved a discount this time. Chris replied, "We thank you very much for helping to support our economy." He went on to explain how most of the people who work in the tourist industry depend on this money they earn during the summer to get them through for the rest of the year. She would not be swayed. She went out of the tent and came back with a random guy she found outside and demanded that he use his local ID to purchase her tickets. But alas, he had an ID from North Carolina. Then she went around to other employees at the cirque until she found a sucker who had a Florida ID who agreed to purchase the tickets. Chris refused to allow it, and at this point she called him a Horse's Ass.

He said, "Go ahead and call me names if it makes you feel better."

She yelled back, "It doesn't make me feel better!"

Her husband had long since departed. I imagine him sitting in the car, embarrassed by his wife's theatrics. She finally bought the tickets at full price.

It's hard to believe people who have enough money to spend thousands on vacation would make such a huge fuss over such an issue. "Local's discount" is pretty easy to understand, isn't it?


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