Feb. 28th, 2010

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Note to self: never go near the primary room on Sunday, unless you fully intend on teaching.

It's not that I mind teaching. I love primary. What I mind is being unprepared. I mind that I never have any notice ahead of time. The teachers in our primary just do not show up. They don't make arrangements, they don't even call the primary president the night before. They are simply not there.

This Sunday I was asked to teach the three-four year old class. I spent the whole time holding/wrestling one kid into his seat or on to my lap. He had perfected the art of arched back, making it quite difficult to make him actually stay on my lap. Often he ended up laying across my knees. If I let go of him, he'd be off like a shot trying to play on the piano or mess with the music conductors stand. The awkward part is that his parents were both in the room as well. It became pretty clear to me after a few minutes that he has something going on--he didn't speak or respond when I spoke to him. Half way through, Chris came looking for me and I motioned for him to join me. I love that man :) He stayed with me for the classroom portion of the day, which was pretty much a fiasco. We did get the little boy to respond once we played ring-around-the-rosey and sand "Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed." Not really spiritually uplifting, but what do they expect on no notice?

The weather is lovely today. You can expect beach pictures sometime this evening.
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It was much too windy and chilly to spend much time at the beach today. We were only there for a few minutes because we hadn't dressed warmly enough. The blue skies were very deceiving.

Not that I'm counting (Ok, I totally am) but I graduate in two weeks!


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