Jan. 8th, 2010

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Meme taken from a librarian blog that I like to read, where I traced it back to a couple other bloggers who did it as well...

1. The first book fair I went to was in Kindergarten. My parents gave me money--a special treat given the fact that my dad was still a student at that time--and I had the privilege of picking out any book I wanted. I chose a version of Cinderella with beautiful pictures. I still have it, one of my cherished possessions.

2. My first chapter book was "Ramona the Pest" by Beverly Clearly. I loved it and consumed the rest of her books as quickly as possible. That was second grade.

3. In middle school, I discovered that our library had a relatively large section on the Holocaust. I read everything they had, some of it pretty descriptive. On the other hand, my parents were somewhat strict in what I was and wasn't allowed to read. For example, nothing about witches or witchcraft. It's an odd dynamic, when I look back on it, realizing that I was allowed to read about genocide but not fictional witches.

4. Despite their strictness, my parents are both avid readers and introduced me to many, many amazing books. My mom and I still share recommendations on a regular basis with each other.

5. I loved the Xanth series by Piers Anthony. In exploring some of his other writings, I stumbled on to the beauty of science fiction. One of his short stories, about all the humans in the world becoming one generic race, was my first introduction to true sci-fi. I've loved the genre ever since.

6. I have burned a book. I burned it because it was a useless book and I was angry that it had even been published. I didn't feel bad but I was surprised by how much smoke it created.

7. For many, many years I did not purchase books but instead avidly supported my local libraries. This is because I consider the purchase of a book to be a sort of long term commitment. I had to love a book in order to buy it--that meant reading it first. That's started to change over the past year or so.

8. A book that fascinated me as a kid was the Never-Ending Story. The original story is printed in blue and green ink, to show the switch between our world and theirs. I've never been able to find a copy in a book store.

9. Realizing how much I loved reading to my kids has been an unexpected joy.

10. Sometimes I start reading the boys a book and get so into it that I finish it on my own after they are asleep. This happened to me with the Percy Jackson series. I haven't read it to them, even though it is one of my favorite children's series. Selfish, I know.

11. One year, my mom asked me if I wanted "treasures" for my birthday. This was my 9th birthday. Of course, I said yes, yes, yes! I received beautiful copies of The Wind in the Willows and Beatrice Potter's collection. I still have them and they are so special to me.

12. Despite the previous comment, I do not necessarily treat my books as special prizes. I leave them laying open, face down and spine spread wide open. I read them in the tub, I keep them piled up here and there all over the house. I have no problem selling my books (as long as they have no sentimental value) if money gets tight.

13. Now that I've started my study of librarianship, it would seem apparent that this career is the perfect match for me. Strangely enough, I didn't even consider it as a viable option until about two years ago. I didn't realize that my love of reading, books, learning and research could merge together so perfectly into a way to earn a living.

14. The first time I realized the book was way better than the movie: The Wizard of Oz.

15. I do consider audiobooks to be books. I feel it is just a different way to experience the literature, and after I listen to one I count it as having been read.


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