Jul. 18th, 2010

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One of the things we like to do on road trips is to tell round-about stories. Here's one we told tonight that I thought turned out very well:

Me: Once upon a time there were three little boys who liked to explore the woods together. Josh: I bet those three boys are us. One day they started following the stream. The stream wasn't deep and had lots of smooth rocks on the bottom, so they took off their shoes and waded through the water. They got so caught up in playing in the stream, chasing frogs and stuff, that they soon realized that they'd gone further than they ever had before. The came to a small island in the middle of the stream and on this island was a small cottage. The boys decided to sneak up to the window and look inside. They quietly crept up until they were under the window. They slowly raised their heads and peeked through the window and they saw...

Petey: A giant eyeball wearing a hoodie! And behind that giant eyeball was four cages with three boys and a girl (you know, our cousins) trapped inside. We decided to break them out of the cages. We went to the front door and...

Josh: Another giant eyeball was standing there. He was an orange eyeball in a green hoodie. He had a toy gun filled with poisonous darts. He raised his gun and pointed it at the three boys but...

Me: Josh raised up his hand and poked him right in his giant eyeball. He fell on the floor, screaming in pain. Petey: No, they can't scream. They don't have mouths. Ok, so writhing in pain. Petey ran over to the other one and poked it in the eye. They opened the cages and every one ran out. By now, their dogs had heard all the noise and came running. The dogs protected the kids from the eyeballs and they all ran home. They tried to tell their parents but no one believed them. They all thought it was just make believe.

Petey: Epilogue! They were walking through the woods together a few weeks later when suddenly they realized that Josh had disappeared. They looked around for him but it turns out that he'd been grabbed by vines and pulled under the ground. All the kids got grabbed by vines and pulled into the ground and suddenly they found themselves back in the cages of the eyeball men.

Josh: But I had a special toy in my pocket (aside: Josh always has a pocket full of knick knacks. Tiny lego guns, coins and other treasures that he finds throughout the day. I'm constantly finding them in the washing machine.) This toy was a ray gun that could burn through anything. I used it to break us all out of the cages and then shot it at both the eyeballs and their eyes melted.

Me: Under the eyes, they discovered that they were actually robots. Once the kids realized this, they weren't scared of the them any longer. They all jumped on the robots and started pulling them to pieces. After they had them all dismantled, they decided to use the bits and gears to build an invisible jet which they used to travel all around the world having more adventures.

Petey: But it turns out that the reason they were kidnapped in the first place is that the evil genius who had actually made the robots had plans to make an army of robots. He kidnapped kids so that he could, well you might find this a bit gross actually, but he used their eyes to build his robots.

At this point the story did finally wrap up and we moved onto another one started by Josh, about a spy that was so good at his job that he got a raise every day. Then he asked me what a raise was :)


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