Apr. 27th, 2010

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I suppose the most recent book that I loved that became a movie was Percy Jackson. No, it did not live up to my expectations at all. It is such a simple story line, I felt the whole thing could have easily been included. Instead, they completely left out any aspect of the story that would carry it forward to a sequel. Also, I felt the guy who played Percy was lacking. Despite all that, I wasn't too disappointed in the movie. I never expect the movie to live up to the book. In my opinion, they are two different formats in which to enjoy the same characters.

My all time favorite book, Pride & Prejudice, has a magnificent movie made after it, the BBC version which any Austen fan will be familiar with. It is six (or eight?) hours long and includes virtually every line from the book. That is the one and only time I can say that a film adaptation of a book has fully lived up to my expectations. And speaking of which (not that anyone cares or has watched Gavin and Stacey aside from me) Gavin's mom is the same actress who plays Mrs. Bennett. That woman is an acting genius!


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