Apr. 15th, 2010

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After waking at 4:00, and tossing for a while, I got up and watched the most recent episode of Lost. Maybe not the best thing to do before going back to bed at such an early hour as I ended up with many odd dreams. I have a handful of reoccurring dreams, one of which is an amusement park. It's not always the same amusement park, but there is always something quite dangerous happening (or potentially about to happen) in the dream. This time, I accidentally walked right under a ride. The whirling ride hit my hand, which for some reason was outstretched above my head. We was almost decapitated. Later, as we (my family was there) were playing arcade games, I discovered a beautifully illuminated antique book, hidden away. Clearly someone had stolen it from the library (as I suddenly realized that this amusement park had an impressive archive/library attached to it. I decided to return it to the library myself, as I didn't trust the teenaged employees of the park to properly handle such a treasure. As I entered the library, the security alarms sounded. No one would believe that I was trying to return it; they thought I was stealing it. The dream ended with me on trial for stealing such a valuable piece of antiquity.


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