Apr. 5th, 2010

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What a super busy couple of days that was!


-Had a friend over in the morning with her two pugs, one chihuahua and one kid. We did an egg hunt (with goodies in the eggs this time) and dyed eggs.

-Chris dad came over and spent the afternoon. He bought the kids enough Easter candy to last for three Easters. 12 boxes of Peeps! It's nice being so spoiled by family :)

-I made dinner in honor of Chris' youngest brother's birthday: Cafe Rio pork Barbacoa Salad. I love making this dinner because I love eating it, but it is very work intensive. I even made the pico from scratch for a change. Not bad, if I do say so myself.


-Cleaned more than I should have for a Sunday. My sister, Wendy, called to tell me that she and a friend were coming down for a couple days. I'm so happy she came, but visiting family does throw me into a cleaning frenzy despite my best efforts to resist.

-Went to Chris' aunt's for Easter. The food was yummy, I met people from his side of the family that I've never seen before and the kids had another egg hunt. They made out like bandits this Easter.

-Greeted my sister late last night. She and her friend will be soaking up the rays all day today. It is spring break, after all, and there is much fun to be had in Destin this time of year.

-Watched the new Doctor Who. Although I didn't expect to, I quite enjoyed it. I think this new doctor will do a good job. He certainly is entertaining, in a funny way, more so than the last couple. I did not like the new theme song. I have the Doctor Who theme as my ringtone for when Chris rings me (Yes, I've always said I was a nerd. Now you know just how deeply it runs) and it bothers me that my ring tone no longer is actually the theme song. However, I felt like he broke a couple of the basic time travel rules that have caused huge problems in the past. Did anyone else notice that?


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